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International Journal of Research in Human Resource Management
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International Journal of Research in Human Resource Management
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2022, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part A

The impact of the effectiveness of viral marketing in achieving customer delight

Dr. Salam Abduljaleel Alramdhan

The main purpose of the study is to determine whether companies and shops that use viral marketing affect the achievement of customer happiness and joy, or not? From this point of view, the issue of viral marketing, which has spread widely in various means of customer promotion, was researched. These include social networking sites (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), websites and means of communication (Whats App, Viber, Telegram), which adopt advertising campaigns to market the products of companies and shops, With the aim of reaching the reality of achieving the joy and happiness of the customer to raise the level of profitability for the future stage, and to enhance the role of these companies and shops to provide quality and confidence in sales, with the aim of this study to provide a theoretical framework for the main variables (viral marketing, customer delight), and to identify the impact of the effectiveness of viral marketing in achieving customer delight, and to explore the relationship between them, and to know whether the customer’s happiness necessarily requires adopting the effectiveness of viral marketing through answers. Customers who rely on shopping from corporate advertising sites and shops. The descriptive analytical approach was adopted on the study sample represented by those in charge of viral marketing in companies and commercial sales shops in the Rusafa sector, which numbered (66) people from the total open population, and they were covered by the field survey to answer the effectiveness of viral marketing, in contrast the other sample was chosen Similar to their number, which amounted to (66), and they are graduate students, who were chosen at random to answer the customer’s delight from the College of Science and the College of Physical Education and Sports Science at the University of Baghdad located on the Rusafa side of Baghdad Governorate, and who are familiar with viral marketing through their use of the international information network. Within the time limits of the period from (4/12/2021) to (10/3/2022), conducting an exploratory study to survey the sample’s opinions through two opinion poll questionnaires, designed for this purpose to be distributed to them, and after processing the results statistically. After treating the results statistically, the researcher concluded that the management of companies and shops needs to be aware of the importance of viral marketing, because of its positive returns on increasing the joy of customers, and to ensure that they do not lose their continuous footing on their products, and to preserve their name and known history in the sales of markets and malls, as it needs To take into account the opinion of customers, to constantly assess the extent of their satisfaction with its sales, to overcome the decline in the quality of products and to establish regular mechanisms in surveying their opinions for adoption in implementation within the planning adopted by the administration in dealing with emergency failures, and that they have simple technical capabilities in reducing prices compared to imported products, Which enables them to continue to acquire their products in the markets, but they need to provide anticipation and surprise in these products to achieve the customer’s joy, and those in charge of managing companies and shops need to pay attention to promotion and continuous updates, which adopt the availability of the elements of excitement and suspense in order to achieve the expectation and surprise of the customer who It increases its joy, and then increases sales in order to achieve success in continuing profitability by increasing customer demand their sales.
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International Journal of Research in Human Resource Management
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Dr. Salam Abduljaleel Alramdhan. The impact of the effectiveness of viral marketing in achieving customer delight. Int J Res Hum Resour Manage 2022;4(1):67-79. DOI: 10.33545/26633213.2022.v4.i1a.95
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International Journal of Research in Human Resource Management
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