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International Journal of Research in Human Resource Management
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International Journal of Research in Human Resource Management
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2019, Vol. 1, Issue 2, Part A

People with socially constructed disabilities and their experiences: Case study

Abdul Karim Gazi

This paper explains the experience of people with socially constructed disabilities who don’t continue their lives in normal way in their family, society, and own mother land and factors that lead them towards unproductive function in their society. I have taken three cases in my study who have been disabled by socially constructed factors. Respondents are male and female who have been disabled by their society in different ways from birth to present more or less as well as don’t continue belonging in normal lives, leading in some cases to social instability and even dysfunction for society. This case study is conducted through the semi-structured questioning interview, journal, book and observation of the sample population with the aim of identifying the condition of people with disability and way of disability construction in our society.
Generally, we know that people are disabled by natural process or because of accidents, but my study focuses on disability construction by social, cultural and economic factors. True, someone learn to speak, walk, adapt to others late or being raped. In this case, parents or family members or relatives are marginalizing them utterly from their own needs or rights that are basic need of them or constituted rights in their society or country. On the other hand, authority or local leaders aren’t doing much more to combat these troubling trends.
The census 2011 has shown 1.41% (101,585 people) people of Bangladesh are disabled. WHO has argued that 15% of global population are disabled all over the World among them 2-4% are not functioning for their societies. All people with disabilities have not been disabled by nature or accidents and social and cultural factors make them disabled. The respondents of my study such as have been disabled because of their adaptation to society late and social violence and problems. Thus, they have been excluded from society and have been disabled.
So far policies have been made, the signs are not good, because their problems are not mitigated rather rising sporadically. Since social and cultural factors in conjunction is what allows disability rising is up to the authorities to make aware general population, enforce a suitable environment, and improve their basic needs and constituted rights. People should remain vigilant, keeping an eye on their bad condition. Solutions are fresh in my mind that by reducing social, cultural and economic factors what make disability could have an even bigger impact on mitigating problem of disabled people and help societies to prosper with health, education, and life expectancy improving significantly in many parts of the world. Along with Government strategies, private sector, with so much to gain and to lose from infection, should beginning to focus on their social and cultural status and position.
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International Journal of Research in Human Resource Management
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Abdul Karim Gazi. People with socially constructed disabilities and their experiences: Case study. Int J Res Hum Resour Manage 2019;1(2):17-22. DOI: 10.33545/26633213.2019.v1.i2a.15
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