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International Journal of Research in Human Resource Management
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International Journal of Research in Human Resource Management
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2022, Vol. 4, Issue 2, Part B

Capital budgeting and infrastructural development Nigeria

Augustine Sunday Oge and Joshua Adewale Adejuwon

The study assesses Nigeria's infrastructure development and capital budgeting execution. A substantial correlation between the dependent and explanatory factors was found using Pearson Correlation Analysis, which assessed the link between the study's dependent variable and explanatory variables. In contrast, generalised least square regression was used to assess the study's assumptions. The study determined that the explanatory variables accounted for 40% of infrastructure improvements via the deployment of capital budget implementation, resulting in a coefficiency determination of 40%. A generalised least square regression study revealed that capital budgeting adoption has a favourable and substantial impact on the housing, transportation, and technology sectors. The results conclude that allocating funds from the capital budget for infrastructure development would increase the availability of fundamental public goods for the populace. Therefore, the government should make serious efforts at all levels to establish enough budget allocations for the provision of health care in Nigeria to improve noticeably. Similar improvements would be made to the energy supply if the requisite fiscal commitments could be made. Budgetary resources should also pay special attention to the road sector and healthcare services. Additionally, it is advised and consistent with development theory that the Nigerian government minimise its reliance on outside funding for infrastructure improvements and instead create homegrown strategies to stop infrastructure deficits.
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Augustine Sunday Oge, Joshua Adewale Adejuwon. Capital budgeting and infrastructural development Nigeria. Int J Res Hum Resour Manage 2022;4(2):81-92. DOI: 10.33545/26633213.2022.v4.i2b.116
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International Journal of Research in Human Resource Management
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